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Now,  discuss about fermentation process in detail.  and we will also discuss about the nutrient medium and also the process how the insitu fermentation will be done . and about the nutrient medium which is mainly required for this car plantation fermentation is a process or a metabolic process which converts primary metabolites into secondary metabolites.  so the primary metabolites will get converted into secondary metabolites by performing this in situ fermentation system in processs . so this is only the main aim of the fermentation so what is the main aim of the fermentation the conversion of primary metabolites into secondary metabolites.  so the primary metabolites may include sugars  nothing but the carbohydrates right so that sugars which are in the form of carbohydrates will get converted into acids gases and even alcohols.  so here acids includes you know like citric acid glutamic acid and like all type of organic acids includes this acid section whereas this gas is nothing but methane gas.  which is mainly used for hotel purposes and all cause like beer and wine so these are the type of secondary metabolites which are mainly obtained from the sugars.  right and this fermentation process is mainly used for the production of alcohols  acids biofuels biogas etc ..

so each of their each of them has their different role which plays a major role for our human resources.  so enough here  set you that the sugars will get converted into as it’s gases and all calls that something but where the primary metabolite will get converted into the secondary metabolites. and for this conversion the nutrient medium is highly required for the process of this fermentation.

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nutrient medium is nothing but which mainly help sin the development of the bacteria and here in the case of sugars we can also add bacteria also. 

 for example,  if you take lactic acid this lactic acid is produced by the lactic acid bacteria so here the primary metabolites will be lactic acid bacteria which mainly produces lactic acid has a secondary metabolite.  and for the conversion nutrient medium is required not only for the conversion of lactic acid for any type of Convergys either it may be acid gases are all Cohoes nutrient medium is highly required.  and this nutrient medium includes water carbohydrates oils and fats growth factors but first and oxygen.  so let us discuss about each of them in detail or later so firstly let us complete about this fermentation process.

 and the material which are mainly present in the fermenter which is mainly used for the process of the fermentation our temperature controller.  so temperature controller is nothing but which is mainly used to control the temperature for different type of different type of production of secondary metabolites different temperature is required so the temperature can be controlled by the temperature controller right and coming to the next – one second one electricity. electricity is also required but don’t forget to remember that the generator should be connected to the main power main goal because if the electricity power will cut then then the then the formation of the secondary metabolites does not occur properly so the generator should be connected to the main board and.  next third one adequate aeration adequate aeration and agitation adequate aeration is nothing but proper supply of the oxygen the oxygen should be supplied to the to the fermentation tank.  such that it can convert the primary metabolism converted into secondary metabolites properly.  so without supply of oxygen then there will be noninversion of primary metabolic center secondary metabolites such that the products cannot be obtained.  

that means that the fermentation process does not occur if the oxygen is not supplied properly so there will be an inlet in the fermentation tank . and through that Inlet we are going to supply the oxygen and the diagram of the fermentation tank information fermentation tank will be explained you and next fourth one pH controller.

The pH is also be controlled externally we can control the pH and even internal so we can can we can control this pH so have let us see enough and 51 is neutral medium I have said is a neutral medium plays a major and vital role in this fermentation where it mainly helps in the conversion of these sugars into alcohol acids and gases.  so now let us discuss about the detail about detail information on this nutrient medium on each of them. so enough let us discuss about the nutrient media which is mainly used for the process of fermentation .

coming to the first one water water acts as major component of the nutrient media which plays a major and vital role in the fermentation process and this water is mainly used for vaporization process. and these vapors mainly helps mainly helps the conversion of this primary metabolites in the secondary metabolites and cleaning the fermentation tanks . this water is mainly used to clean the fermentation tank. so, why it should be cleaned because – to prevent the contamination of the bacteria for example if you are providing any type of bacteria like Aspergillus Niger or a , lactic acid bacteria ,those bacteria cannot get contaminated once the cleaning of that fermentation tank will be done.  and that one is Lindsay so these are the main purposes of the water such that the water place our major bio major and vital role of the in the newton media for the fermentation process.

 coming to the second on what I have said you carbohydrates.  so this carbohydrates includes maize cassava cereals potatoes mild that’s nothing but the barley and here we can also take this carboy edits in the form of sucrose from the sugarcane as well as the sugar beet.

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 and I’ve comeinto the 61 oxygen so oxygen plays amajor and vital role in thisfermentation and here once the oxygen isnot supplied then the fermentationprocess will not be done how let usenough.  this firstly why why this oxygenis used this position is used for thefast metabolism of the for the fastmetabolism to obtain the product andonce the oxygen content will getdecreased or else if you put if youinject no amount of oxygen if youthrough the inlet then high oxygendemand will occur inside thefermentation tank.  which is shortly saidas maturity and once this high oxygendemand will be done then thefermentation process will not be done soin this way the oxygen placed are majorand vital role in this fermentationprocess.  so now let us see the steps ofthe fermentation. so enough let us seethe steps which are included in thisfermentation so how the sub fermentationprocess will be done so firstly what youare going to do is that you are going toselect a particular type ofmicroorganism strains.  for example if youwant to produce lactic acid you can takelactic acid bacteria right and if youwant to produce citric acid . you can takeAspergillus Nigerso it is where you are going to takethis particular bacteria which producesparticular type of organic acids so youare going to select a particular strainsof the organism and you are going toinoculate them in the fermentation tankand now what you are going to do is thatfirstly the fermentation tank should becleaned and this fermentation tank iscalled as fermenter and it is alsocalled as bioreactor don’t get confusedand now what you are going to do is thatyou are going to clean the fermentationwith the water I have said you that thewater plays a major and vital role toprevent the contamination of themicroorganisms which are going to insertin this fermentation tank.  so you aregoing to wash it and after washing thenyou are going to you are going to addthese microorganisms into thisfermentation tank or as a bioreactortank . and then along with thesemicroorganisms you are also going to addthe nutrient medium right as I have saidto the nutrient medium Ingram’s watercarbohydrates lipids and fats growthfactors buffers and oxygen this oxygenplay some major and vital role don’tforget to supply the oxygen and hisoxygen will be supplied through oxygenInlet there is oxygen and LED so if yousee the diagram then you can understandso this will be the diagram of abioreactor tank or as a fermentationtank.  so if you see here this is theagitation system agitation system isnothing but it consists of a motor andinside it cuts off a bladesso this blades plays a major and vitalrole to convert primary metabolites intothe secondary metabolites and thatprimary metabolites will be he will beinserted into this fermentation tank.  bythis pipe this is called as feeding pumpand through this feeding pump you aregoing to add the primary metabolites andeven you are going to add the nutrientmedium.  here the medium box is presentright so slowly this medium will beintroduced into this into thisfermentation tank along with theseprimary metabolites of your interest andnow what you are going to do this is theoxygen Inlet.  I have said you writeoxygen plays a major and vital roleright so from here oxygen will beintroduced into this fermentation tank. and here it now this tank consists ofnutrient medium along with the primarymetabolites and now we are going toswitch on this fermentation tank.  suchthat the flat blades which are presentinside this tank starts rotating becauseof this motor which is present in theagitation system and now you are goingto control the temperature and alongwith the temperature you are also goingto control the pH and that we are goingto rotate these flat blades be the powerwhether by using this electricity andthen after a particular period of timethe primary metabolites will getconverted into the secondary metabolitesso enough that secondary metabolites will get produced out through thisoutlet and now we are going to switch onthe tab andwe’ll get switched on . and then this allof the secondary metabolites , which hasbeen produced will come out through thisoutlet and not this outlet you know youare going to take all of the cigarettemetaphor it’s from this outlet andyou’re going to purify them and you aregoing to filtrate them and once youfilled it and purified then the pureform of the secondary metabolite will beobtained so this is the this will be theabout the diagram of the bioreactor tank. so after the fermentation process whatwill happen.

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 soall of this will be taken in the juiceform or else in the powder form nothingwill happen and these carbohydrates arenothing but the glucose right which weare going to take this nutrients in theform of glucose.  and come into the thirdone oils and fats and it’s oils and fatsact as anti-foaming agents such thatonce the fermentation process is goingon such that the form doesn’t occursonly when there is a presence of oilsome facts in this nutrient medium thisoils in fact doesn’t develop the forminside the fermentation tank.  hence theseare called as anti-foaming agents rightthese are called as anti-foaming agentsand his oils and fats includes vegetableoils like olive oil may soil cottonseedoil so I have been oil etc so all ofthese are the carbon sources and evennitrogen sources can also be taken likeammonia gas ammonium salts nitratesproteins ureaso these are the nitrogen sources socarbon sources as well as the nitrogensources includes in this files and facts. and these carbohydrates and all incertain facts will be comes will comesout of the classification of energysources.

 and of coming to the fourth onegrowth factors so growth factors aremainly used for the development of abacteria.  so I have said you know in theplace of the primary metabolites we aregoing to take the bacteria for theproduction of a particular type oforganic acids right so the developmentof the bacteria should be done such thatis such that the number of the bacteriawill get increased so this growthfactors includes vitamins amino acidsSatya Stevenson biotene.

 and that’scoming to the fifth one buffers and herethese buffers are mainly used to controlthe pH value.  and I have said you in theI have said you in the materials of thisfermentation fermentation what I havesaid you in the fourth one that there isa presence of the pH controller this canbe controlled pH externally.  in theinternally the Newton medium which weare going to add in the form of a bufferthis scene also control the pH value.  andwhat are the buffers which are going totake in this nutrient medium are calciumcarbonate phosphates sodium hydroxidesulfuric acid h2so4 .

so these are thebuffers which are going to take in theform of a nutrient media to undergo theprocess of fermentation.


 the product will be obtainedthere which is unpure in form rightthrough the outlet of the fermenter theproduct will be obtained with thisunpure in form and during the process ofthe fermentation you are also going toadd the substrates or supplements andmaximum disturb the substrates andsupplements will be added for theproduction of the alcohols okay and youare going to obtain the product this isunclear in form so to make this productto get purer form you are going toperform filtration as well as ifpurification process and once youperform this filtration and purification.


then the final product will be obtainedwhich is pure in form and then they willbe stored and reserved and it will bepacked in the bottles and will besupplied in the markets and thesemarkets will supply this all of thisbodies to the public so enough this isabout the steps which are included inthe fermentation .