Ribbon Blender Manufacturer in Gujarat

For Industrial Scale Ribbon Blender manufacturer in Gujarat. Uma Pharmatech Machinery is Well Known Manufacturer and Solution Provider in India. UPM Supply Ribbon Blender Mixer in Various Cities and Rural Area Of Gujarat and Maharashtra like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Pune, Nashik, Vapi, Valsad, Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Dahej etc.

ribbon blender manufacturer
ribbon blender supplyer and manufacturer in gujarat-india

ribbon mixing and drying device that canmix and dry powdery or granularmaterials quickly efficiently andcontamination free.  for best results inmixing of powdery or granular materialsmount the helical ribbon rotor blade inthe inverse conical container. users canselect either double ribbon or singleribbon depending on the purpose. mountthe jacket on the outside of thecontainer depending on whether coldwater hot water or steam is supplied. theriver cone can perform not only mixingbut also actions such as drying coolingheating evaporation to dryness andchemical reactions. the ribbit cone alsosupports a vacuum drying. now let’s lookat the key features and structures ofthe river cone. the container does notcontain a gearbox for turning anagitator axle.

movingmaterial in the middle of the materiallayer to the bottom. through repeatedlifting and lowering the material isefficiently mixed quickly achieving therequired degree of mixing. with thejacket mounted on the container exteriorpop water or steam can be poured in as amedium. so the river cone can be used asa batch dryer. this superior mixingperformance dramatically shortens dryingtime. because the material is mixedthroughout uniform moisture andtemperature are maintained in theproduct. the entire mixed or driedproduct is released through thedischarge valve at the bottom of thecontainer. 

Ribbon Blender Manufacturer in india

 this design eliminatesconcerns about contamination from oilleaks and the like. the material iscarried along the inner wall of theRiver cone by the helical ribbon rotorblade.the ribbon widens gradually from bottomto topto ensure uniform material transport inall sections of the container. the ribbonrotates with just a minimum of clearancewith the inner wall . the material liftedup by the helical ribbon motor blade is regulated by an overflow breaker mountedat the top of the River cone.

Ribbon Blender Manufacturer in Ankleshwar

when vacuum components such as thevacuum pump and condenser are mounted the River cone can also be used for vacuum drying. this characteristic isideal for materials containing organicsolvents and heat sensitive materials. we offer a full line up of River conemodels to suit every application fromsmall units for R&D to large ones formass production these characteristicsmake the river cone perfect for mixingand drying of plastics and materialsused in food electronics and batteries.