LAB fermenter Manufacturer in hydrabad

in lab fermenter manufacturer in hydrabad, Uma Pharmatech Machinery is Leading Manufacturer and Exporter in hydrabad-india. UPM Have Capacity To Manufacturing Of Lab Fermenter Manufactur in hydrabad-india in microbiology laboratory.

We Are Manufacturing Lab Scale Fermentation Plant Setup For Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries

Our Lab Scale Fermentation Range include

  • Autoclavable Glass Fermenter
  • SS Fermenter
  • Bentch top Fermenter
  • Insitu Sterilizable Fermenter
  • Automatic Fermenter
  • Semi-Automatic Controlling Fermenter
  • Fully Automatic Lab Fermenter Manufacturer in Hydrabad
  • PLC Controlling Fermenter
  • Scada Software For Lab Fermenter
lab fermenter manufacturer
lab fermenter manufacturer in hydrabad

Uma Pharmatech Machinery Fermentation Plant Comes With Following Utilities and Equipments and machineries

  1. Automatic Feed Water Electric Steam generator/ Boiler
  2. Water Chiller Circulator For Batch Temperature Control
  3. Oil Free Air Compressor For Aerobic Process
  4. Temperature Decrease upto Atmospheric Temperature usingCooling Tower water circulator
  5. RO/ Purification Water Plant
  6. Tryclover Based Connection and Flexible Pipelines & Controlling Valves Made Of SS316
  7. SS Skid
  8. SS/Ms Worktable

UPM Fermentation Plant For Biofertilizer Manufacturing  Comes With Automatic Control Panel Which Include Following Accessories

  • Control Panel Includes 7 inch or 10 inch Color Touchscreen Human machine Interface
  • Programmable Logic Control System
  • Digital  Display Controller and Transmitter
  • Omron Relays
  • MODBUS or 4/20 output Pneumatic Solonoid Valve
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Uma Pharmatech Machinery Manufacturing unit of fermenter and bioreactor in ahmedabad-gujarat india. UPM Deal In Andhra Pradesh Main Area For Fish Farming and organic farming and manufacturing of probioticsa and aqua culture manufacturing business in andhra pradesh area like:.

  1. West Godavari
  2. Eluru
  3. Undi
  4. akiveedu
  5. Narsapur
  6. Ganapavaram
  7. Krishna District
  8. Nellore
  9. Indukuripet
  10. GudiWada
  11. Mandavilli
  12. Kaikaluru
  13. East Godavari
  14. Tallarevu
  15. Kajuluru
  16. Hydrabad
  17. VijayaWada