BOD Incubator Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

for Lab UPM is Leading BOD Manufacturer in ahmedabad-gujarat-india. We Are Manufacturing Bod Incubator With Heating and Cooling Facilities. Heating and Refrigeration help to Maintain Any  Temperature in BOD Incubator. This Will Give Accurate Temperature With Accuracy 0.5 plus and minus

bod incubator manufacturer

Uma Pharmatech Machinery Manufacture Laboratory BOD Incubator and Export Various Laboratories and Biotech Company. We Supply and Export BOD Incubator In Japan, Canada, Mexico, Tanzania, Africa, Europe, Egypt, Spain, France, Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Greece, Netherland, Indonesia, Uganda, USA, Uk, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Dubai, NigeriaAustralia

BOD Incubator Manufacturer in gujarat

Uma Pharmatech Machinery have Inhouse Facilities to Manufacture Best Quality BOD Incubator With Best Prize in Ahmedabad. Due To Inhouse Fabrication and Refrigeration We can Supply and give best services to our customer within 24 hours. We are Using Laboratory grade stainless steel ss304 in BOD Incubator manufacturer in ahmedabad. 

Uma Pharmatech Machinery is offer bod incubator manufacturer in gujarat with many application like:

  • cell Culture
  • funficide and bacterial growth
  • BOD Testing
  • Fermentation Studies
  • Microbiology
  • Crop Science and Life Science
  • Pharma API Test
bod incubator manufacturer in ahmedabad

UPM BOD Incubator Fertures:

  • Roboust Construction Mounted On 4 Nos Castor Wheet With Lockable Wheel in Front Two Wheel
  • Double Wall Construction
  • Inner Chamber Made Of Stainless Steel 304 Grade and Outer WAll Made Of  CRC Mild Steel Material With Powder Coating
  • GMP Model Completely Made Of stainless Steel
  • Double Door To Protect Heat Loss and Cooling Loss In BOD INCUBATOR
  • Inner Door Made Of Transperent Acrelic Or Glass Made To Visulise Sample Without Opening Inner Door
  • Inspection and validation Port 1 Nos For Cross Checking
  • PT-100 Temperature sensor and controller 
  • STandard Schnider Make MCB AND CONTACTOR , Light and Button
  • Cromption Make CFC Free Air Compressor in Refrigeration System
  • Copper Coil Condencer and Heat exchanger Coil
  • 75mm Puff Insulation in All Wall
  • Adjustable Tray For Putting Samples
  • Work On Single Phase In Any Laboratory
  • Plug and Play System (Not Require installatio)