Stainless steel mixing tank manufacturer

Stainless Steel mixing tank and vessel are predominantly used in Pharma and biotech manufacturing company. SS Mixing tank resistant to corrosion and low carbon content makes it ideal food grade certified material.
Uma Pharmatech Machinery is manufacturer of SS Mixing vessel and tank for bioech, pharma, chemicals  and synthetic, pigments, agrochemical and many other industries. UPM Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel available in  in Sainless steel 304 grade and stainless steel 316 food grade. Uma Pharmatech Machinery supply Electrical or Pneumatic and hydraulik Agitators .Application which include  include liquid mixinf, forulation, fermentation, media preparation,  higher Dispersion, Homogenious mixing, partical suspension etc.

limpet Coil Reactor Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Gujarat
ss mixing tank manufacturer

Types Of Mixing Tank We Manufacture

  • Clossed Air Mixing Tank with mechanical seal
  • Clossed Mixing Tank With Stuffing Box
  • Higher Pressure Mixing Tank
  • No Pressure Mixing Tank
  • Storage Tank
  • Open Loose Door Mixing Tank


limpet Coil Reactor Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Gujarat

We Are Manufacturing Various Types Of  Mixing Engineering Product for Various Industries like:

Uma Pharmatech Machinery is design and manufacturing mixing tank and reactor vesel which  include:

  • Agitation systems for a various  mixers and stainless steel batch vessel
  • Variety of stainless steel lile SS 304 and ss316  hast alloy and other grade available on demand
  • ASME-6 and ISO 9001: 2015 certified and CE Certified W-ray welders and welding testing penetration’s, hydro test, air test, x ray test  procedures
  • Various steel and weld finish for stainless steel mixing tank manufacturing for interior and exterior
  • inbuilt Heating and  double wall or jacketed construction steam heating available on demand
  • vessel support like leg, lugs, skirts, saddles for transportation
  • Various types of rectangular and cylindrical manhole available
  • various types of nipple, coupling, flange, triclover fittings are available 
  • sight glass , light glass, view glass , SIP systems, clean in Place facilities, mechanical form deformer ,  PT-100 Temperature Sensor , Drain valve and inlet valve, ph controllinng system, online ph measurement, do measurement system, turbidity sensoe, od sensor, exit gas analyser for co2 and o2 gas release, condencer or heat exchanger etc.