Reactor Vessel With Agitator

UPM Is one of the leading Manufacturer and  Supplier Of SS Reactor Vessel in Ahmedabad. We are Pioneer Manufacturer and exporter of Reactor vessel. UPM Supply Reactor In Pharmaceutical, API, Biotech, Pigment, Chemical, Dyes, Intermediates, nutraceutical.

Uma Pharmatech Is recognized Company Involved in Fabrication extremely efficient SS Reactor Which is the Corner Parts of the SS Vessel coolant system.

UPM Reactor With Agitator designed by us is Generally used in Biotech Plant, pharmaceutical industry, chemical plant, etc.

stainless steel reactor manufacturers are at the heart of a API plant. liquid Slurry may be mixed into Stainless Steel Vessel using large.


reactor vessel manufacturer in Gujarat

Stainless Steel Reactor Manufacturers

These stainless steel liquid mixing tanks are highly efficient to use with its robust mixing structure for homogeneous mixing of different chemicals and ingredients.

UPM is an extremely efficient Reactor Pressure Vessel Manufacturer and Supplier  company from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Construction Of SS Reactor Vessel

  • SS Jacketed – SS316 limpet coil Vessel for heating & cooling tested for 4kg/cm²
  • Propeller shaft, Ruston turbine will be available on Demand
  • Pharma cleaning is done internal & external to remove Cross contamination.
  • Material Used Low Carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, 304, 304 L, 316, 316 L, 317 L
  • Blades with different shapes such as: Paddle Form, Frame Form, Scrapper Form.
limpet Coil Reactor Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Industrial Agitator Manufacturers

Uma Pharmatech Machinery Focus On industrial agitator manufacturing from India. We have Experienced Professional For Manufacturing industrial Reactor and Vessel. UPM Have Facility To Manufacturer Up to 60 kl Reactor Vessel. In House EOT Crane Having capacity 10 Ton is Very Useful In Manufacturing Of Industrial Reactor, Chemical Reactor and Process Vessel With Starrier

limpet Coil Reactor Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Features Of Reactor Agitator

  1. Zero Vibration
  2. Compact in Size
  3. low power consumption
  4. high volume
  5. high efficiency.
reactor pressure vessel Manufacturer in Gujarat

Application of Reactor Vessel

Uma Pharmatech Fabricate  reactor with agitator used in the first industrial Scale, Very Suitable for biotech, Agro chemical industry, pigments, Beverages and food Industry, UPM SS Reactor Vessel widely used in Semi Solid Resin,  Silicon Rubber, Bio Fertilizer and BioPesticide, Glue, Intermediates, Probiotics. API, Pharma, Chemical, Minerals, Guar Gum, Starch etc. Pigment Colors & etc.

reactor pressure vessel manufacturer in Gujarat